Which Level is Right for Your Project?

Which Level is Right for Your Project?

Keep Wind and Water Out and Roof-Mounted Equipment On

  • Stronger roofing system designed to provide better protection against severe wind 
  • Gutters and downspouts designed and tested for outstanding performance 
  • Sealed roof deck required for steep-sloped roofs 
  • Superior skylights designed and tested to withstand water intrusion and large missile impact 
  • Roof-mounted equipment must be designed for increased wind pressures

Protect the Envelope and Reduce Business Operations Downtime

  • All FORTIFIED Roof requirements must be satisfied 
  • In hurricane-prone regions: All windows and glazed openings must be impact-rated or protected to minimize water and wind/wind pressure intrusion 
  • Wall systems must be impact-rated 
  • Exterior doors must be impact-rated or protected 
  • Parapets and false fronts must be adequately braced and anchored 
  • Electrical and mechanical equipment must be protected from flood/water damage 
  • Electrical connections must be installed to easily connect backup power 

Keep the Building Tied Together and Maintain Business Operations

  • All FORTIFIED Silver requirements must be satisfied 
  • Load path must be engineered and verified 
  • Canopies must be adequately anchored/supported 
  • Backup power must be provided